Are you in full tilt mode and a budding leader or a seasoned pro?
Do you need to press pause, breathe and gain a new perspective?

We leverage the timeless strategies of yoga, meditation and adventure in the natural world to reduce tension and increase performance.

Bold Arrival professional trainings

Bold Arrival trainings and nature retreats exist to empower people who desire ground-breaking experiences and are willing to work for it.

We believe those who are driven to explore their limits are on a path of personal adventure.  Our tools and proven practices set this in motion.

We are committed to adventure and internal evolution as the cornerstones to your best work.

The What

These are professional trainings to press-pause, learn new skills and tap into wisdom. Bold Arrival is a modern construct bringing awareness to information available in every minute.  We leverage this to move forward with more joy and ease in our life and work.

The Why

Our ability to perform our daily work and play depend entirely on the health of our inner being. When we are more focused, less stressed and more engaged performance levels rise within daily life, the ability to see the path ahead is heightened and continued joy in our work is inspired.

The Who

Experienced professionals with adventure in their heart and mind aiming to bring one's best work forward. 

The How

Teaching timeless strategies for personal mastery. Using the ancient strategies of yoga, meditation and the natural world paired with modern challenges such as tension, lack of focus and low energy we guide participants to personal mastery which is a direct line to peace, productivity and performance in one's life and work.

The Outcome

Enhanced performance, transformative leadership and stabilization within Self and the world.



Our Team

  • Matt Brummett, Rule of Five co-owner
  • Heather Robertson, Rule of Five co-owners
  • David Gilligan, Rule of Five Senior Instructor

Our team members have diverse backgrounds and travel experiences that allow us to offer Rule of Five participants real world experiences and connections that they won’t find anywhere else.



Rule of Five Amenities

From initial booking and front office interactions, to the introductory dinner and field trainings, Rule of Five participants experience the highest-quality of service and amenities.