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At a glance

  • 2 Days
  • 1 Night
  • 5 Meals


Private accommodations - Rule of Five Safari Tent Village


  • 2 - Breakfast
  • 2 - Lunch
  • 1 - Dinner
  • Wine hour before Dinner

Step into a custom wilderness experience. From the training to the accommodations to the food everything has been designed to press pause from the outside world and press go into yourself.

You are built for the calling and designed for this experience.

Are you being called:

  • To escape ongoing distraction and plant the seeds of something new
  • To step outside the daily plan
  • To let go of the hecticness and experience a new environment
  • To rise above your own challenges
  • To stand in the wilderness with confidence and experience your skills differently
  • To become stabilized within self and the world

Well, we have you covered!

You have the opportunity to:

  • Gain timeless skills for focus, peace, performance, and leadership.
  • Experience innovation that can only be fueled in the wilderness.
  • Gain confidence and have fun in the wild.

Wilderness Adventure Travel amenities

Rekindle your wild

Timeless strategies for building a better you! 

You hear it. You feel it. It's the curiosity it's the desire to get out! It's the call of the wild taking hold~

It can be a radical move to go camping. It can be radical to say "I'm going to press pause and take time out for me".  It can also be radical to feel calm and enjoyment in the natural world. 

Imagine this ~ you're sitting by a beautiful fire you made without the use of matches or a lighter. You're holding a warm cup of tea or glass of wine smiling and enjoying the company surrounding you. Earlier you unpacked and settled into your private accommodations; a canvas tent with a bed, clean linens, and other amenities. This day has proven to be ordinary and yet extraordinary. You created fire, learned how to be found if you're lost in the woods, discovered how to make cutting edge! And on top of all that you experienced meditation and yoga practices to center and stabilize you feeling calm and gently focused. It's a good day!

This is a daily experience at the Rule of Five Nature Retreats. We blend wilderness skills and wellness skills within a modern camp setting. These retreats support confidence in the natural world as well as within daily life. The goal: Refresh the body and the heart.

Why attend Rekindle your Wild?

  • Gain confidence in the natural world
  • Get centered and stabilized
  • Feel restored
  • Learn life balancing strategies and techniques & badass empowerment
  • Open up moments of creativity and inspiration

This is a Ro5 all-inclusive adventure with lodging, group-prepared meals, all training supplies, the Rekindle your Wild custom kit, and more.



Learn how to locate natural shelters, where to place a shelter, seasonal construction methods and materials you can utilize for construction.


Learn how to build, cook over the fire, maintain and extinguish a fire. You will also receive an introduction in fire-by-friction and how to use a hand-drill. 


Get comfortable with knives, learn basic information on safe knife use, edge skills and how to break rock to make a cutting edge.


Discussion about self-reliance, the importance of being found within 72 hours and tips, tricks and learnings with how to gain confidence in the wild.

Yoga ~ stamina & perseverance:

Energy mentally, physically and emotionally is essential as life expands and we take on more responsibility. Practice yoga for rebooting, resilience and boosting your willpower.

Meditation ~ focus & reflection:

It is vital to have space to reflect and disseminate what is being learned and experienced. This is how you lead.  Tap into your wisdom. Practice meditation in the natural world with an experienced instructor.




Wilderness Adventure Travel accommodations and meals

An ultimate New Mexico camping experience

Our all-inclusive rate structure ensures visits to the Rule of Five are a memorable and unique experience combining comfortable safari-style wilderness camping, group-prepared meals and a unique atmosphere.

Often other outdoor survival organizations do not consider contemporary comforts as an important aspect for a learning atmosphere. We strongly believe in a learning environment that supports inquiry, fun and first hand experience. Our goal is to ensure our guests experience high quality comfort paired with rustic simplicity to support an experience that allows for learning and adventure.

The all-inclusiveness Rule of Five provides is a cornerstone in the guest experience. We are pleased to offer group-prepared meals, comfortable accommodations, experienced staff and expert instructors all steeped in the idea that the Rule of Five Base will become the center of an unforgettable experience for the length of your stay.

Literally, all you need are your clothes, a sleeping bag, personal items, a positive attitude, and an adventurous spirit.

We take care of everything once you arrive at Ro5.  Please be aware participants must supply their own transportation to the Ro5 Wilderness Company and lodging before and after the experience. If you'd like to stay at the Rule of Five before or after your stay please give us all call and we'll talk options!

All-Inclusive Means…

  • Your entire stay at the Rule of Five Base
  • All food including refreshments
  • All training
  • All learning materials and contemporary gear and equipment required for the on-property training

Rule of Five Training Center Accommodation/Amenities…

  • Unique Rule of Five base and trainings areas
  • Parking
  • All meals, including refreshments
  • All training
  • All learning materials and contemporary gear and equipment required for the on-property training
  • Rekindle your Wild custom survival kit
  • Private expedition canvas tent
  • Camping cot with mattress and pillow
  • Cotton linens
  • Storage spaces to house your belongings
  • Custom wilderness showers
  • Incinerator toilets and pit toilets
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • 100% cotton bath towel set from Pendleton Woolen Mills
  • Selection of snacks and refreshments
  • Storage area for personal food

Rule of Five Base cuisine…

Daily breakfast, lunch, hors d’oeuvres and dinner are prepared with thoughtful consideration for you. Our dining experience will vary every day. You will have group meals and you will sometimes share the memorable experiences of cooking with the vitality of fire, learning Dutch oven cooking and open flame grilling. You will be asked about dietary restrictions before you arrive so we can accommodate your preferences (meat, vegetarian, gluten free).

Wilderness Adventure Travel amenities

Call 505-469-9888 to inquire or discuss options

  • SATURDAY Travel Day

    Travel day en-route to the Ro5 Base in Las Tablas, NM. Arrive by 8am for orientation and introductions. 

    10 AM - 4 PM Orientation, lunch, discussion and Treasure Hunt!

    4-6 PM Fireside social time followed by dinner, fireside session, questions and fabulous time together.


    Breakfast completed by 8:30 AM, discussion/practices begins at 9 AM until dinner at 6 PM, fireside social time and questions.

Our Team

  • Matt Brummett, Rule of Five co-owner
  • Heather Robertson, Rule of Five co-owners
  • David Gilligan, Rule of Five Senior Instructor

Our team members have diverse backgrounds and travel experiences that allow us to offer Rule of Five participants real world experiences and connections that they won’t find anywhere else.



Rule of Five Amenities

From initial booking and front office interactions, to the introductory dinner and field trainings, Rule of Five participants experience the highest-quality of service and amenities.