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Sometimes there’s nothing like sitting on the beach with a cocktail or in a city café sipping an espresso…to drive you crazy with boredom.

That’s where we come in. Rule of Five Wilderness Company offers you a new way to connect with the natural world while having fun doing it. You can have the experience of a high-end getaway with a heavy dose of adventure as we teach you Wilderness Living skills.

This is not a muddy obstacle course or a cruel and crude boot camp. Anyone can enjoy this adventure as we journey into the American Southwest, teaching you about our ancestral lifeways, focusing on the Rule of Five: Shelter, Fire, Edge, Vessels and Cordage. We also incorporate lessons on expeditionary planning and provide presentations on ecology and natural history.

Let us be your teachers and teammates in a back-to-basics adventure that expands your knowledge of what it really takes to survive and live in the wild. We will show you that you don’t have to be a self-proclaimed mountain man or woman to learn and utilize the Rule of Five.

Think of this as a hands-on history and science class where you’ll tap into a fresh spring of appreciation for our ancestral lifeways and our earth. At the same time, you’ll learn about yourself throughout a trip that’s as much a spiritual journey as it is a physical challenge. There’s truly no greater pride or peace than knowing how to take care of yourself and work within the greater physical world.

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Rule of Five Wilderness Company represents a new approach in wilderness learning and adventure. We teach our adventurers the valuable art of wilderness survival within a comfortable, modern camp setting.

Adventure and exploration are hard-wired into the human psyche. Whether you examine our ancestral migration patterns from the continent of Africa or the sagas of Viking voyages to far-off lands, we all share one common drive–to discover the unknown.

The story has been proven and been refined over millennia. There are five life skills our ancestors created and learned. They mastered and harnessed these skills, making our survival and lifeway, easier. Rule of Five Wilderness Company is the common thread that connects us to them in all cultures.

Most people only learn a fraction of the basic survival skills that our ancestors relied upon every single day. Through daily excursions, hands-on classes and presentations we help you get familiar with the Rule of Five. You leave feeling confident in the outdoors, allowing you to set out to answer that ancient call we all share.


Ancient Strategies, Modern Connections

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