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Can’t come camp out with us? No problem.  You can still experience a Rule of Five adventure.  Try one of our one-day, in-depth tutorials, where we will explore a variety of the Rule of Five basic wilderness survival skills.

In each of these ten-hour sessions, we give you a full taste of a Rule of Five wilderness adventure.  These are intensive, fast-paced trainings, incorporating Fire, Cordage, Shelter, Edge and Vessel basics.  As a bonus, we even make a gourd bowl, which you can use to enjoy some refreshing ice cream at the end of the day.

For this 1-day adventure, all of the training supplies and instruction are provided.

Note: This is not an overnight trip to the Rule of Five Base.  Participants must supply their own transportation to the Ro5 base and lodging before and after the experience.

A detailed gear list is provided after registration is complete.

Adventures start at $1800 per-day up to 6 participants.  

Additional fees apply for more than 6 participants in your group.

Call 505-469-9888 to inquire or discuss options


    Arrive at Rule of Five base by 7:45 AM

  • Introductions and orientation Orientation - Training

    Introductions and orientation

  • Training

    Training in the Rule of Five until 6 PM

  • Departure


Our Team

  • Matt Brummett, Rule of Five co-owner
  • Heather Robertson, Rule of Five co-owners
  • David Gilligan, Rule of Five Senior Instructor

Our team members have diverse backgrounds and travel experiences that allow us to offer Rule of Five participants real world experiences and connections that they won’t find anywhere else.



Rule of Five Amenities

From initial booking and front office interactions, to the introductory dinner and field trainings, Rule of Five participants experience the highest-quality of service and amenities.