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plants, fiber and string


Before we learned to manipulate metal to make nails, screws, hinges, and wire, our ancestors bound and tied their world together.  Fiber from plant or animal was the key element whether braided, woven, knotted, twisted, felted, or spun.  It literally held a shelter together, kept your pants or loincloth from falling down and your shoes on.  Its place in history is underrated.  Learning to manipulate plant or animal material to make cordage is critical and historic lifeway knowledge.

 Immerse yourself in a day of exploring Rule #5, cordage (fiber craft).  Gain an appreciation of your ancestors as you work to make items from string.  These were once a part of everyday life and sadly the skill and understanding has all but been lost from us.

In this 1-day clinic learn how to identify plants that would make good cordage.  Learn the pros and cons of plant fiber vs. animal sinew for cordage.  Practice the skills that were once a part of daily living -- natural cordage, finger weaving, knot craft and more.  We’ll have plenty of examples of natural cordage in use for you to see.  We’ll segway into useful knots, anchors and bindings for modern uses and what cordage to carry in your day hike “Go Bag.”

 Join us and get ready for your hands to remember your history and heritage of fiber handcraft.

  • Process Dog Bane
  • Work with Yucca
  • Use sinew from a deer or elk
  • Reverse wrap and other string making methods
  • Practice splicing techniques
  • Make a finger woven tumpline
  • Create knots, hitches and braids

Note this clinic:

  • Includes all instruction, materials and unbeatable experience.
  • A detailed gear list supplied upon registration.
  • Participants supply their own lunch, snacks and transportation to the Ro5 Training Center


Adventures start at $1,800 per-day up to 6 participants.
Additional fees apply for more than 6 participants in your group.

Call 505-469-9888 to inquire or discuss options

    Arrive at Rule of Five base by 8:30 AM

  • Introductions and orientation Orientation - Training

    Introductions and orientation

  • Training

    Training in Rule #5, Cordage until 5 PM

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Our Team

  • Matt Brummett, Rule of Five co-owner
  • Heather Robertson, Rule of Five co-owners
  • David Gilligan, Rule of Five Senior Instructor

Our team members have diverse backgrounds and travel experiences that allow us to offer Rule of Five participants real world experiences and connections that they won’t find anywhere else.



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