"In a busy world with so many distractions it's easy to lose your focus, hopes, and goals. 
Heather Robertson's Rekindle your Wild brings you back to you!" 

Bold Arrival Professional Trainings reviews

My work with Heather was both enlightening and empowering. Heather and I worked together to explore the many issues I confront as a senior manager and to identify effective and heart-centered solutions. There were many AHA! moments as Heather and I explored my professional landscape, my emotional response to professional situations and the path towards a more integrated leadership style. Our work together ignited greater personal accountability as a leader and the ability to step back, drop the ego and look at situations from the heart. 

Judith Robb-McCord
Director, Every Preemie--SCALE at Project Concern International
Johannesburg Area, South Africa

I am extremely fortunate to work with Heather on my career aspirations and professional growth. I manage a national team of technical and applied planning professionals and our program is internationally revered. I’ve personally grown the program from scratch and with that growth, I’ve been elevated to more of a thought leader/visionary for the organization. This rapid advancement comes with many challenges that I’ve been grappling with. Heather is helping me with clarity on my life and professional purpose and putting that to practice in my everyday workflow, relations, and leadership.

We are working on strategies that have already proven to help me move from one level of growth to the next with our Senior Leadership team. Because changes are happening so fast at our organization, it’s incredibly helpful that Heather is always available to help me get grounded and provides guidance when difficult decisions or discussions are at hand.

My ultimate goal in my professional career is to marry my passion for making the world a better place with tools and strategies to make it so. Heather is providing me with the tools and strategies to create the stable architecture upon which I can build a solid, life-force driven career that meets my personal and professional goals.

I’ve worked with many mentors and consultants and they tend to take a more corporate approach and leave out the personal. Heather does a great job of starting with the personal and making sure that my own experience is woven throughout all of the strategies we create.  I highly recommend Heather as an expert in the field of strategy and personal leadership to women seeking to move their skills and impact in the world to the next level.

Breece Robertson
VP, Director of Planning, GIS Trust for Public Lands
Santa Fe, NM

Hiring Heather to be my leadership coach is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Her support has changed how I approach leadership, who I am in the world, and how I interact in every situation. I feel more confident in my ability to effectively and compassionately lead both at work and in my personal life as a parent. 

Amazing, wonderful transformation is happening inside me and outside in my life because of my work with her. I know how to stay in my center (or at least notice when I've lost it), am more clear about my vision and dreams (and feel confident I can make them a reality) and am developing the stamina to lead for the longterm.

She challenges me, and we have fun together. Her way of being shows me she is with me every step of the way, and she has great advice and observations. The work with Heather inspires within me abundant confidence, inspiration and joy.

Heather has not just transformed my leadership approach, she has transformed the world I live in. Everything looks different than it did a year ago and it feels like my power and possibilities are endless. In short: Heather rocks!!

Tekla Johnson
VP of Leadership and Innovation

Heather has completely transformed the effectiveness of my leadership. I am no longer bogged down by self-doubt and approach situations with confidence. She has helped improve my communications with colleagues – succinct communication and clarity is key! Heather encourages me to reach for opportunities outside of my comfort zone, which is where the learning happens, right? Our work together has landed me on a track for a lifetime of successful leadership. Thank you Heather!

Emmalee Dolfi
Senior Manager of Enterprise Data Systems

Asking for and receiving support has never been more fulfilling and rewarding as with Heather! I knew from the time I met her that she contained the experience, leadership, health and joy in her own life that I seek to embody in mine, which made her an inspiring mentor and guide. The depth of her listening is a real gift, as she could hear or even sense my blocks, needs, process and passion, and help me articulate and transform my ideas into action. We spent a couple of prep sessions and a half day together focusing on my vision, goals and prioritizing a plan for the coming year in business, and I'm happy to say everything is unfolding beautifully. I truly value Heather's imprint on my life and business, and will continue to seek out her wisdom along the way! 

Genevieve Russell
Owner, Story Portrait Media 

Working with Heather has transformed my business and my life. She helped me strip down the excess and get clear on exactly what my vision and mission are for my business, and based on that, designed a smart and targeted strategy to attain a set of clear, ambitious goals. Likewise, in my personal life, Heather has served as a mentor and a guide to hone in on the truest vision and mission of my heart. In less than six months of working together, I restructured my business and made some significant life decisions that have empowered me to shift from surviving to thriving. I have endless gratitude for her, her brilliant business mind and her kind, compassionate heart. 

Mira Valeria
Owner, MiraValeria.com


Heather Robertson’s courses have had an amazing impact on my life.  By week 5, with Heather’s guidance, I’d taken steps to transform focus and direction in my life that led to career advancement in the form of a promotion.  As a single parent who works full-time I seldom allow myself the time I need to focus on myself and my life goals.  Heather’s course was the vehicle to create that time.  I really appreciate how time effective the sessions were.  Heather prompted me to ask myself empowering questions that enabled me to quickly arrive at a place where I created immediate and long-term goals with an effective action plan all while only taking a few hours out of my week.  I found the meditations to be powerful tools that served to keep my focus centered in my mind for the day.  Heather’s courses are truly unique and uplifting and she is a wonderful guide and a gentle nudge.

Kristen Frueh
Director of Programs - Administrative Offices of the Courts - State of NM 

 I worked with Heather in order to clarify on my career goals.  Through the process she was able to identify the key source of inspiration for each path, and recognize a key pattern in my career over a 20 year span.  All of this in a one hour phone call!   Through this conversation and my subsequent homework of meditation and journaling, I found peace and began to move forward on my path with great confidence and clarity.  Heather has an amazing gift to decipher core motivations through pointed questions and intuitive listening.  Thank you, Heather!

Katie McCulehey
Owner - Mountain Kids

I turned to Heather after an important project became “stuck.”  Her focus and ability to synthesize areas of concentration for maximum impact gave me guidance and confidence to pursue the goal with renewed enthusiasm and skill.  Her time/energy management techniques provided prioritizing principals in all areas of both professional and personal balance.  Heather’s work combines a unique linear approach with a generous heart, a great combination! 

Polly Nell Jones

I am grateful for Heathers inspiration to guide me through the most challenging part of my life. She offered me the tools to reconstruct my life as I had once known it into the reality I have envisioned filled with inspiration, healing, colorful travel, love and learning how to nurture our lives with self care at the core.  Heather reminded me powerfully that I am in the drivers seat!

Angela Espinoza
Business Owner 

 She opened my eyes to what was not only important for my business but for the well-being of myself and my employees. SO very important to a successful business and life! I often hear her words in my thoughts and go back to the tools she has taught me when working out roadblocks or tackling new endeavors. 

Brea McDonald
Owner - McDonald Photography

 Before meeting with Heather, I had huge business dreams, goals, and aspirations, but absolutely zero direction on how to get there or where to even start. Heather helped me realize everything I needed to accomplish was within me and she helped me draw the map to get there. Using thought provoking, engaging curriculum, this self discovery has revolutionized my business and my life. I don’t know where I would be today without my “accountability partner."

Meg Simone 
Simone Films 

Heather’s training and compassion were reflected in how she was able to get to the heart of the matter and discern the questions we needed to address and in how she was able to elicit deep-felt responses from me as we proceeded through the day.

I highly recommend Heather’s workshops for anyone dealing with complex and interrelated issues that may seem overwhelming. The value of the peace of mind created by working in this intensive fashion with Heather, a trained and compassionate professional, far exceeded my expectations.

Kris Holstrom
Entrepreneur - County Commissioner for San Miguel County Colorado

I wanted to let you know that the major vision I created for my business during our workshop was to do 12-20 weddings this year. I am happy to report that at this point in the year it is actually 30…and many of those were complete weddings: start to finish!  Thanks for helping me get on track and giving me tangible tools to use!

Ellen Braley
Owner - El's Cards

Heather is brilliant at listening and guiding groups. With her great ability to lead, we were able to create much stronger Mission, Values, and Vision statements. We were able to identify the roles of each person involved and create an action plan for moving forward. All this took place in one day with Heather’s facilitation.  I would highly recommend Heather to any organization or individual on a path toward personal fulfillment. Her mindfulness approach allows room for creative possibilities to emerge. She invites the creative mind to show up in a most profound way. Working with her is a delightful process.

Janie Davis
Author - President of the New Mexico Women's Foundation

I returned to Bold Arrival trainings for the second time because I experienced amazing results, which was born from the first workshop with Heather.  It's exactly what I need to plug back into myself and what matters.

Melissa Mullen
Owner - Melissa Mullen Photography




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