Fees; Cancellation; and Refunds

Participant’s enrollment and involvement in the Course is contingent on payment in full of all applicable fees as specified by Rule of Five. To maintain the quality of hands-on instruction, each Rule of Five course enrolls a limited number of participants. When individuals cancel near the beginning of the course date, it prevents other potential participants from enrolling. In addition, while “invisible” to the participant, much time and money is spent preparing for participants to attend courses. Rule of Five’s cancellation and refund policy reflects the fact that it’s impossible to recover these upfront costs and Participant acknowledges and agrees that the cancellation and refund policy specified below reflects a fair and reasonable estimate of the actual damages that Rule of Five will incur, and that the actual damages are impossible to calculate at the time of this Agreement. The fees, cancellation, and refund policy is as follows:

  • If Participant signs up for the Course at least 45 days prior to the Course, then a non-refundable deposit (the “Deposit”) in the amount of 10% of the Course, with a minimum of a $100 deposit, is due at the time of sign-up.
  • The full fee for the Course is due 45 days prior to the Course (and is due upon sign up if Participant signs up for the Course 45 days or fewer prior to the Course).
  • Cancellation by Participant 45 days or more prior to the Course date will result in a full refund of the tuition price, with the exception of the non-refundable Deposit.
  • Cancellation by Participant 44 to 21 days prior to the Course date will result in a refund of half of the tuition price, not including the non-refundable Deposit. 
  • Cancellation by Participant 20 days or fewer prior to the Course date will not result in a refund for Participant (no exceptions).
  • If Participant needs to reschedule for a different course than the Course for which Participant originally signed up, then Participant may inform Rule of Five of such need and may apply the Deposit to an alternate course within one year of informing Rule of Five of such need. The foregoing transfer of the Deposit may only be used at least 45 days prior to the Course for which Participant signed up, and Participant may only exercise Participant’s right under the foregoing transfer on one occasion. If Participant does not sign up for another Course within one year of informing Rule of Five of Participant’s intent to transfer, then the Deposit shall be non-refundable and cannot be applied to another course.
  • If Participant fails to attend the Course, arrives late for the Course such that participation does not occur, or leaves the Course for any reason once it has begun, no refund will be provided (no exceptions).
  • If Rule of Five cancels the Course, a full refund will be provided to Participant, including a refund of the Deposit.
  • Rule of Five assumes no responsibility for any additional expenses incurred as a result of cancellation.

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